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Finding your Ikigai by decoding YOU

The japanese philosophy of Ikigai or finding one’s bliss in life has been an opportune addition in many of our lives. The pursuit of happiness, as many contest, begins with you. Self-discovery is the key to finding your Ikigai. This blog offers a deep-dive into discovering your Ikigai through the process of finding yourself. 


What you will learn - 

    • What is Ikigai and how it offers individuals a framework to uncover their life’s purpose
    • The connection between self-discovery and finding one’s purpose
    • How you can initiate the process of self-discovery to unlock a better version of yourself
    • Finding your Ikigai with Genleap’s self-discovery solution
"Can someone really retire if he is passionate about what he does?”

- Hector Garcia Puigcerver

With all of life's mysteries, the one that arguably affects us the most is - what is life's purpose? We are so conditioned to our way of living, that we rarely reflect on what motivates us. Finding a purpose, however, is absolutely essential to creating a fulfilling life. 

The ancient philosophy of Ikigai - with 'Iki' meaning life and 'gai' meaning worth or purpose - focuses on finding one’s bliss in life. A westernised interpretation of Ikigai focuses on finding one’s passion or dream career. The philosophy of Ikigai can help individuals accelerate talent development and navigate their career options with unhindered confidence. 


Talent development is key to consistent and sustainable professional growth and achievement. In the absence of the right tools and resources for talent development and discovery, it is incredibly difficult to align one’s life with their purpose. The popular framework of Ikigai combines four overlapping qualities or pillars that help one understand their life’s purpose or Ikigai- 


What one loves doing

All the hobbies, activities, and skills that one enjoys indulging in without an expectation of a reward. These are the activities that have the capability of invoking a state of flow in individuals. 

What one is good at

This sphere comprises your area(s) of expertise and skills that you have mastered, either through practice or genetics. It could range anywhere from playing the piano, to medical acumen and even sports.

What one can be paid for

This sphere includes practical skills that are in demand and can be used to earn an income. This is where one separates hobbies from actionable skill sets. It also depends upon an individual’s environment, state of the economy, and the demand for your passions or talents. 

What the world needs

The fourth segment of the Ikigai framework includes those skills that the world needs. These can vary according to an individual’s environment, impressions, and needs expressed by those around them. 


The intersection of these four spheres forms the sweet spot that reveals one’s Ikigai or their reason for being. Finding your Ikigai can allow you to reach your highest potential while cherishing every moment of your every day. Infusing your work with passion, mastery and a larger purpose makes it more impactful and lets you create a meaningful life. It can also narrow down your career options to a great extent. 

But before an individual initiates the search for their Ikigai, it is crucial for them to know who they are, what they are good at, and what drives them. 


Decoding YOU is the key to unlocking your purpose

Our life’s purpose or Ikigai is not a matter of chance, but a combination of various factors that make us who we are. Our sense of self comprises qualities such as our thoughts, emotions, belief systems, behavioural patterns, and personality traits.

It takes a significant amount of self-reflection to comprehend the different aspects of our being to identify our innate drives. The process of self-discovery enables individuals to explore these and decode their identity, purpose, and core motivations in life.


Understanding your SELF 

The journey of self-discovery begins with deep reflection and commitment to uncovering truths about an individual's innate nature. It can help them understand their strengths, passions, talents, fears, and motivations. Naturally, every individual has their own unique self-discovery journey, driven by curiosity and dedication to realise their potential. 

The insights drawn from the process can open new doors for them by tapping into latent strengths and accelerating their growth in life. With the right tools and support, individuals can dive deep into the process of self-discovery and make the best choices for themselves with clarity.

Proven sciences such as the ancient system of astromancy and the scientific study of genomics pack powerful information about human lives. Genomics is the branch of biotechnology that studies genetic mapping and DNA sequencing of sets of genes or the complete genomes of humans, including interactions of those genes with each other and with the person's environment. 

Astromancy decodes the relationship between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. It uses the insights drawn from an individual's natal chart or the snapshot of the planet's positions at the exact moment of their birth to guide them in making better decisions in life. Astrology offers unique information about one’s innate nature, inclinations, psychological and emotional state, foresight into future possibilities, and even career options.

Researchers in the field of Psychology and mental health have been driven to make the process of self-discovery simpler and more accessible to individuals. The Big 5 Personality traits reveal an individual’s core personality traits, providing them with a clear picture of their current mental state. These include a continuum of five key traits, namely, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These traits are a collection of other traits such as social affinity, emotional balance, altruism, kindness, irritability, and many more that define distinct aspects of one’s personality.

The right resources and support can equip individuals with impactful insights that have the power to transform their careers and lives. 


Find your Ikigai with Genleap’s self-discovery solution

Genleap understands the potential of self-discovery to unlock one’s highest potential. By combining the three proven knowledge streams - Astromancy, Genomics, and Psychometrics, Genleap offers unprecedented growth in one’s self-discovery journey.

With the mission to help people leverage their inherent and acquired potential, Genleap allows people to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. Genomics offers insights into your natural gifts and talents. Psychometrics reveal your present state of mind and emotions. Astrology empowers you with cosmic knowledge about your future and innate nature. Genleap offers a powerful solution that leverages the integration of these disciplines and helps you identify the best path for yourself. 

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