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Unearthing the secrets of your SELF through your DNA

Self-discovery is mistaken to be an abstract construct only reserved for the privileged, but the reality is that each one of us is capable of understanding and actualizing the best version of our SELF. This blog discusses the essence of self-discovery, why it is important for sustained personal growth and how you can access modern DNA-based tools to kickstart your self-discovery journey today. 

What you will learn -

    • What constitutes your SELF and why you need to start asking the smaller and bigger questions in life
    • Different avenues for self-discovery available today
    • The role of genetics in self-discovery
    • What makes DNA-based skill assessment powerful for self-discovery 


“Self-discovery is the secret ingredient that fuels daring."

- Grace Lichtenstein


Understanding your SELF is often perceived as a psychological or spiritual pursuit, but in reality, self-discovery is fundamental to realising your true potential. The knowledge that you gain at school, college, from your peers, and from other external resources may initiate your professional life, but building a rewarding career is a matter of insight-driven decision-making. Questioning what makes you who you are, why you think or act the way you do, and how you can be a better version of yourself, can help you gain perspective and initiate an intensive process of self-discovery and growth. 

The journey of self-discovery is a lifelong commitment, and it begins with a simple question - who am I? Embarking on your self-discovery journey is a gateway to living life to the fullest by first understanding yourself, and then applying this wisdom to your life decisions. Decisions like navigating career choices and nurturing inherent talents development are absolutely essential to building a rewarding life.

Modern science-based tools such as DNA-based personality tests leverage an individual’s DNA sample to decode their major personality traits at a given point in time. DNA-based personality tests can fast-track self-discovery for individuals by helping them dive deep into their innermost SELF and use this knowledge to take intelligent life decisions. 

What makes you You? 

When you are young, it feels easy and safe to believe everything taught to you - a child is like a sponge. As one enters adulthood, however, they might find themselves questioning their decisions, or feeling lost about their future. This is far more common in the modern world than we would like to admit, given the state of mental health around the world.  

The important decisions you take in life, including what academic course to choose in your graduate or postgraduate program, what industry excites you, who you marry, what kind of work you seek, and where you settle down, are all deeply impacted and driven by your state of self-awareness. Naturally, people who engage in self-analysis have higher self-awareness, are more at peace with themselves, and have more control over the important decisions in their life.

Where to begin your self-discovery journey? 

Before you start thinking about taking online quizzes or reaching out for self-help books, it is important to start with a sincere intention. You need to ask yourself how self-analysis can help you make your life better, unlock your true potential and lead with purpose at every task or hobby you choose. 

Today, it is crucial for parents to equip their children with the right tools that will instil them with confidence about who they are and where they might be headed. A sense of direction can help them navigate small and big changes, like college, finding the right career and industry, honing their inherent talents, and developing new ones. A self-aware child is expected to grow into an emotionally intelligent adult who is in touch with their sense of purpose and identity and brings their best self to every job or situation they are put in. 

Thanks to scientific and psychological advancements, the tools of self-discovery have evolved drastically with the changing times, allowing any individual to start uncovering the mysteries of their SELF, discover their core purpose, interests and talents, personality, emotions, and everything that makes them who they are. 


Decoding your SELF through your DNA - the blueprint for life

“You could say throughout our development, from birth to death, our genes are composing a harmonic symphony that makes us what we are. It's what makes us individual; it's our life force, our soul.”

― D.S. Smith, Unparalleled

Your genetic makeup is a powerhouse of information about your innate nature and physical, mental, and cognitive characteristics. Genetics is the biological study of genes, genetic variations, and heredity in organisms. A huge body of research concurs that your genes act as a blueprint for your identity and existence - including physiological characteristics such as height, skin colour, and hair, psychological and personality traits, emotions and moods, inherited skills and strengths, and special talents that have been passed down through generations. 

Epigenetic studies further add to this discourse, helping experts truly understand the impact of genes on one’s life and how different genes interact and respond to different environments. It is now clear that genes do not get expressed or activated at all times through the course of your life. The environment of an individual affects gene expression, in that, different genes get activated or ‘switched on’ in response to specific environmental triggers. 

Let us consider musical talent. Perfect pitch is the ability to identify or sing a specific musical note without reference and it is a highly heritable trait. However, the latest studies reveal that having perfect pitch has as much to do with genes as with early extensive musical training. Considering this, if a child is born with perfect pitch, but does not have access to musical training due to economic constraints, it is highly likely that s/he would not be able to explore her musical talent. On the other hand, if at a later stage in life, she is able to find a teacher or platform to learn singing, this might be her time to shine. Discovering inherent talents can be just as rewarding, if not more for an individual seeking a purposeful life. 


DNA-powered skill and self-discovery

The gene-environment interaction is intriguing to many, especially because it implies that people can change their lives, tap into latent strengths, build better relationships, and have a strong alignment between their values and career at any stage in life. This makes DNA-based personality tests a powerful resource to delve into your inborn nature, personality, character traits, cognitive, mental, physical, and emotional capabilities, talents, strengths, and cognitive inclinations.

Powerful scientific tools such as DNA-based personality tests can help you understand your body, mind, emotions, and inherited as well as acquired potential in a whole new way. DNA-based skill discovery tests can reveal in-depth information about your strengths and passions such as - 

    • Mathematical aptitude - the ability to analyse numerical information, spatial and quantifiable data, and solve numerical problems
    • Musical intelligence - potential to create pitch, melody, harmony, and rhythm
    • Sporting and athletic talent - physiological strengths such as muscle strength, elite performance capability, aerobic capacity, and endurance,
    • Career and academic interests - Inclination towards numbers, finance, sales, pure sciences, and other disciplines
    • Education attainment and cognitive skills - performance factors such as reading ability, working memory, learning from errors, spatial learning, and verbal memory
    • Personality traits and emotional intelligence - the Big 5 personality traits (OCEAN - Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) and a continuum of such as emotional balance, introvertedness, sociability, flexibility

The application of these insights seems infinite, given how these characteristics touch nearly every aspect of your life. Students can level up by leveraging DNA-based skill discovery at school and college with support from parents. These assessments help young students make informed decisions about their career choices, fearlessly explore their passions and talents, and nurture their personalities and skills in the optimal environment. 

By using these potent tools, parents can empower their children to grow in a multitude of ways, and encourage a life away from the rat race. Not only does this help them become better, skilled, and confident adults, but it also allows them to find true happiness, joy, and purpose in everything they do. 


Unlock the power of your DNA with GENLEAP

GENLEAP is the world's first DNA-based patented* self-discovery, upskilling, and complete career lifecycle management platform. By integrating the wisdom of three sciences - Genomics, Astromancy, and Psychometrics, GENLEAP helps you discover your hidden talents, explore your personality, and become the best version of yourself.

GENLEAP employs a revolutionary approach to skill discovery through its flagship product, GenDiscover by using a series of proprietary assessments based on the three knowledge streams. GenDiscover offers a deep dive into your core personality traits, cognitive and educational aptitudes, skills, interests, passions, and inherent talents, and helps you unlock your highest potential.  


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