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Why Self Discovery should be your ultimate goal

Self-actualization is the highest need for humans, and we can all strive to actualize our best SELF to live a life of purpose and passion. The first and the toughest step is self-discovery or the lifelong journey to uncovering your authentic self. This blog dives into the power of self-discovery and how you can tap into the power of self-knowledge to unlock your true potential. 


What you will learn -

    • What constitutes the process of self-discovery and why it is important for every individual 
    • The right time to begin your self-discovery journey
    • The different tools you can use to begin and accelerate your self-discovery journey
    • Genleap’s revolutionary self-discovery platform that helps individuals tap into their innate potential

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

-Carl Jung


Self-discovery (or simply put - knowing yourself) is arguably the most important journey you will take in your life. It is a lifelong process of uncovering, accepting, and owning your personality, behaviours, reactions to certain situations or people, your inclinations and dislikes, motivations, and fears. 

The journey into your self reveals insights that have the potential to elevate your current state of self-assurance, confidence, relationships, career exploration, and anything that is driven by your character. As opposed to other accomplishments in life, such as finishing  school or landing your first job, self-discovery has little to do with societal expectations. The practical implications of self-discovery can be life-changing. From personality assessment to intelligent career exploration, self-discovery is based on curiosity and the hope to access and realise a better version of who you are. 

It makes sense that before being able to tap into our strengths and outgrow our shortcomings, we need to first know what they are. A deep dive and reflection into your inner realm can help you do that, and tools such as mindfulness and meditation facilitate this process. Modern tools such as genetic and psychometric assessment tests can be potent accelerators in your journey of self-discovery. So can be ancient sciences such as the thousand-year-old discipline of astromancy. 


Why is self-discovery so important?

Every individual’s self-discovery journey is unique in its pace and exploration. Some people may be naturally curious about their SELF, while others cruise through life in a more carefree manner. But one thing remains clear - the quality of one’s life is very much a function of their self-awareness. 

A self-aware individual is inclined to make wiser decisions in different aspects of life. Choices that are aligned with their highest self and that create opportunities for sustained professional and personal growth. Starting your self-discovery journey may seem intimidating and rightfully so - it is in fact a lifelong process of observing, accepting, and improving your self with a sense of equanimity. It is akin to raising a child, but the child in this situation is you. 

Before one assesses what is best for their growth in life, it is important for them to know their inherent motivations, desires, aspirations, and talents. The self-discovery process allows one to do exactly that and offers them clarity and confidence. 


When should one begin their self-discovery process?

While there is no defined age for when one should embark on their self-discovery journey, it makes sense to consider it as soon as you come to terms with its importance in life. The truth is that our character and innate nature drives almost every aspect of our life, including our relationships and family life, career and job satisfaction, and mental health.  

The sooner we come to terms with this, the closer we get to finding better opportunities, people, and situations in our life.  


How can we start our self-discovery journey?

Here’s the most important question - exactly how do we ‘discover’ our elusive self? ‘Knowing oneself’ has been preached and talked about by the great figures in the history of mankind, but few have actualized what one might call their ‘highest self’. So how can we utilise this powerful process to unlock our highest potential?

Several studies suggest that meditation, mindfulness, and awareness is the key to finding your self. While these tools remain potent to kickstart your self-discovery journey, they require disciplined practice and commitment and take a considerably long time to master. 

Disciplines such as the thousand-year-old system of astromancy and the modern science of genomics offer transformational insights into an individual’s inherent characteristics. Genomics is the study of all of a person's genes (the genome), including interactions of those genes with each other and with the person's environment. 

Astromancy is an ancient science that reveals insights drawn from an individual's natal chart or the snapshot of the planet's positions at the exact moment of their birth. The study of Astromancy holds key insights into an individual’s identity and their innate emotional, mental, and cognitive tendencies. The beauty of astrology is that it is very expansive and immersive, and offers important information about one’s past, present, and future.

The study of the human mind has led us to uncover awe-inspiring facts about human nature and drives. Decades of studying and development of tools such as psychometric assessment tests offer fundamental insights into one's mental and emotional disposition. With humans exhibiting over 4000 personality traits, personality assessments can be helpful to understand one's natural inclinations and dominant traits that govern our responses to different situations. 


The Big 5 Personality test which deconstructs your personality on a continuum of five key traits, namely, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, is a well-recognized tool for understanding one’s mental dispositions. The OCEAN traits are composed of several other traits such as thoughtfulness, sociability, kindness, emotional stability, and many more, that are linked with different social, behavioural, and artistic tendencies exhibited by individuals. 

With so many impactful sciences and disciplines facilitating the self-discovery journey, it can be overwhelming to discern what works best for an individual for their own unique needs. One thing remains clear though - self-discovery is the key to enhanced personal and professional growth. With the right tools and assessments, any ambitious individual can elevate their career exploration and build a fulfilling career. 


How Genleap fuels your self-discovery journey

Genleap understands how crucial it is to prioritize self-discovery in your life to access your highest potential. Genleap combines the power of three proven knowledge streams - astromancy, genomics, and psychometrics to fast-track your self-discovery journey. 

Genomics offers insights about your past, and how it affects your life, and then assists you in working on your present to find the perfect balance in your future. Psychometrics provides an objective measure of your present emotional and mental state. Astromancy equips you with astrological insights about your innate nature and the possibilities for your future. With self-discovery through Genleap’s reporting mechanism, you can confidently navigate delta in your life, and make insight-driven decisions to create your best life.

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