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20 Fun And Interesting Activities To Do With Friends in College

Discover top group activities to enjoy with your group of friends in college. Bond, laugh, and create unforgettable memories together!

Ever pictured your college days mirroring a teen blockbuster film? Those group activities that go hilariously wrong, the "why did we think this was a good idea?" moments, and a whole lot of crazy adventures and warm, fuzzy memories. 

But what happens when the WiFi is down, or it's a lazy rainy day, and you have no outing with friends planned? Maybe another round of scrolling through memes or that new AR game everyone is talking about? Sure, that’s always there, but why not try adding some old-school fun to the mix?

So next time you are worried about what to do in your free time or looking for fun things when bored with friends? Don’t worry, we got you! Here’s a list of 20 epic games that promise laughs, unexpected plot twists, and a ton of “we need to post this” moments (trust us)! From Rahul’s hilariously bad puns (sorry, not sorry, Rahul) to Tina’s strategic thinking, we have a little something for everyone! You won’t run out of creative things to do in your free time!

Fun Things To Do With Friends At College

1. Movie marathon night

Grab your squad, some popcorn, and pizza, and dive into a movie marathon. Whether it's old-school classics or the latest series trending on OTT platforms like Netflix, this is the perfect way of hanging out with friends. And the best part? Debating plot twists, dissecting characters, and sharing those "I did not see that coming?" moments afterwards. It's not just about watching; it's about experiencing it together.

2. Themed Costume Parties

Ever wanted to channel your inner Thor or rock the '80s neon? Here's your chance for a night of giggles and fun games with friends. Surf through your wardrobe, hit up a costume shop, and transform into your favourite character. Snap some pictures for the gram, dance to some of those trending reels, and let the themed night become memorable forever!

3. Board game night

Dive into those games from your kiddo days and let friendly rivalry begin. Whether it's Monopoly, Life, or Catan, these games never get old. Keep at least one board game handy, ensuring laughter, strategy, and a perfect remedy for boredom when hanging out with friends.

4. Campus Scavenger Hunt

Who said Treasure Hunt is for kids? It can actually be one of the most fun group activities to plan around the college campus. Create a list of iconic spots, draft witty clues, and set teams on a quest. You will rediscover your campus with your group of friends (and maybe also discover some secret places to hang out with friends). Best of all, you’ll bond over shared adventures.

5. Breakout Rooms

Channel your inner Sherlock, race against the clock, and break out of mazes and puzzle rooms. These immersive experiences challenge your intellect and teamwork. Delve into intriguing storylines, solve riddles, and feel the adrenaline rush as the countdown ticks. 

Fun Group Activities for Stronger Bonds

1. Trivia Night

Think you're a smarty-pants? Challenge your pals with a fun trivia night! From the latest campus gossip to that weird fact from last week's lecture, it's all fair game. Plus, there's nothing like the thrill of nailing that question while your friends gawk in amazement. Game on!

2. Mystery bag skits

Looking for some crazy things to do with friends? Enter the mystery bag skits. Grab a bag, pull out a random item, and let the improv hilarity begin. Whether it's a spatula-turned microphone or a sock-turned puppet, it's all about creativity and those belly laughs. The spotlight's on you!

3. Shark tank, college style

Ever watched Shark Tank and wondered, “I could come up with that idea!” Well, here’s a college twist. You can pitch your wild or genius ideas, but instead of big bucks, you pitch for college treasures: canteen treats, study notes, or fest passes. It's a blend of innovation, persuasion, and college-level bargaining.

4. Pictionary, with a twist

It's like charades but with doodles. Swap out the acting for sketching and watch the fun unfold. How well can you communicate without words? And more importantly, can your friends guess that your 'masterpiece' is actually a cat and not an alien? 

5. "What Are You Doing" game

This isn't just a game; it's a whirlwind of actions and misdirections. Players stand in a circle and mime random activities, but here's the twist: when asked, "What are you doing?" they shout a totally different action. So, while you're 'swimming', you might claim you're 'moonwalking'. The next player then mimics 'moonwalking', but their shout-out? Totally unpredictable. It's a chain of hilarious confusion and a sure-shot recipe for laughter.

 Things To Do With Your Best Friends

1. Two truths and a lie

A guessing game of truths and tales. Can you spot your friends' bluffs amidst their wild stories? It's a blend of honest revelations and crafty fabrications. Perfect for those who love a good detective challenge with a personal twist.

2. Would you rather

A fun debate starter game to enjoy with friends. Choose between hilarious or thought-provoking scenarios. Would you rather have fingers as long as arms or arms as short as fingers? It's a game of choices, laughter, and sometimes, deep reflections. What's your pick?

3. Secrets in a box

Share a secret, guess the confessor. This mysterious game uncovers hidden tales about your college without names attached. It's a journey of trust, surprise, and, sometimes, “wait, you did what!” moments. A perfect way to bond and learn more about your pals (maybe discover some places to hang out with friends), one secret at a time.

4. One sentence story

Build a tale, one line at a time. From hilarious to bizarre, where will your story go? This is a test of your group’s imagination with a twist. Quick, quirky, and always unpredictable, this game tests your group's ability to craft a fun narrative in just a few words. Where will your story lead?

5. Newspaper fashion show

Transform headlines into haute couture. Who said newspapers are just for reading? Grab those old papers, channel your inner DIY guru, and craft your fashion statement. Whether it's a hat made of page 3 or a dress of editorials, it’s time to make your own headlines!

6. Never have I ever

A classic that never gets old! Raise your hand (or take a sip of your drink) if you've done what's announced. "Never have I ever skipped a class" or "Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter". It's a mix of cheeky confessions and surprising revelations. One of the most fun things to do with friends!

Challenges and Competitions

1. Ball and bucket challenge

An out-of-the-box transfer game that's both hilarious and tricky. Can you transfer the ball from one player to another using only your mouth or feet? It's a test of agility, coordination, and some serious laughter. Challenge accepted! 

2. Tied tight

Join hands, quite literally, and share tasks. Whether it's making ramen or tying a shoe, being physically tied to your friend brings unexpected laughs and oddball moments. Who knew teamwork would be this fun and chaotic? Discover the hilarious side of being attached at the hip!

3. Cup stack challenge

A balancing act without hands. Stack those cups high and steady, using just your elbows, chin, or even forehead (hands off). Patience and skill are key! Can you achieve the towering success, or will it come tumbling down (just like your motivation during finals)?

4. Minefield

A blindfolded trust exercise that's both thrilling and a tad hilarious. Can you safely navigate with just a friend's voice guiding you through an obstacle course filled with pitfalls and barriers? (Just hope that your friend doesn’t remember the time you “accidentally” ate their leftover pizza from the dorm fridge.)

5. Egg drop

Protect the fragile, just like your GPA! Design a contraption using straws, tape, or even balloons to save an egg from a great fall. Think of it as the ultimate college challenge, mixing creativity, physics, and some egg-ceptional problem-solving.

Making the Most of Your College Days

While college games and activities, like the 20 fun ones we've listed, help you bond with friends and create unforgettable memories, they also help you understand your true self i.e., your inherent strengths, talents, and abilities. Using this personal insight will not only help you fit well with your peers and make lifelong friends but also enable you to navigate life with much more ease. Self-discovery is a journey that is worth embarking on in college, and it can positively impact your personal and professional life in the long run.

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